Prescription for Healthy Networks

Healthcare SMB Information Infrastructure

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Web Services

Web Domain Hosting

Provide site hosting, mail services, portals for patient communications.




Web Design Solutions

 Affordable solutions that are innovative and creative.





Pharmacy Consulting Services

Simple web tool to assist you in providing your patients with drug use overview, drug therapy decisions, and cost effective drug coverage.  Evaluations provided by Doctor of Pharmacology.



Cloud Based Services

Can provide access to many SaaS solutions to run your office from any location.


IT Resources

Network Design

Secure network designs compliant with various healthcare industry standards.




Secure Remote Access

Provide remote support to your business and enable providers to access critical healthcare systems when out of the office.




Monthly Support Options

Monthly support packages available customized to your needs.   





Project Management

Provide project over site so that core solutions are maintained and instituted.  On going management provided to ensure smooth transition into daily workflow.