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Healthcare reform and the advancing age of the ‘boomer’ generation now forces healthcare providers to update existing IT systems.  Pharmacy LTC and the Physician office will require electronic health records (EHR) to meet government compliance.   Many providers feel they are at the mercy of sales people of vendors who supply these new systems to only have them not work as promised or experience on going problems.

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What we do for our clients

Provide IT evaluations that determine what technical benefits and actual value will be provided by the vendor system being considered.

>  Dispensing Automation
>  POS / Signature Capture
>  Electronic Health Records
>  Secure Network Design
>  Web Services
>  Pharmacy Consulting
>  Wireless Solutions

We can ensure your office has the proper infrastructure in place to accommodate the deployment and successful execution of various IT health solutions.

Consumers Want Personalized Experience With Social Media: Report
Consumers want a personalized experience with social media, and retailers need to unify offers across social media channels, according to a survey from the NCR Corporation. Recommendations based on the findings include nurturing online communities to add credibility and to put experts online and respond quickly. NCR Corp. Press Release



High Blood Pressure Controlled By Pharmacist-Doctor Teams: Study

Partnerships doubled number of patients who reined in their hypertension, study found


HHS Awards $80 Million To Support Health IT Workforce  

HHS allocated $80 million in grants to develop and strengthen the health information technology workforce. The funding includes $70 million to create community college health IT training programs and $10 million to develop education materials to support these programs. HHS Press Release


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